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Microbiomas de missão
Salvador, Brasil, outubro de 2021

o  tara  A escuna estará em Salvador da Bahia de 10 a 14 de outubro de 2021, com um emocionante programa de atividades.

Public visits of Tara at the Waterfront

Venue: shed on jetty 2 V&A Waterfront

Saturday 24, Sunday 25 and Wednesday 27/04

Meeting with the crew, scientists and experts on the ocean with multiple animations:

- discussions with the sailors to explain the history of the boats and their operation

- workshops to discover the invisible world of the ocean: the oceanic microbiome.

- workshops to discover the source of plastic pollution in the ocean

- discussions with AtlantECO scientists 

Public conference: Join the wave to protect the ocean

Venue: Two Ocean Aquarium

Wednesday 27/04, 17:00 - 19:00

The ocean is the mainstay of life on earth. Did you know that it produces 50% of the oxygen available on earth, captures 25% of human’s CO2 emissions and regulates the earth’s temperature.

Discover the mysteries of the Ocean and learn from those who are committed to the Ocean

on a daily basis: scientists, associations, sailors, activists, start-ups…


Public visits of Tara at the Waterfront

Venue: V&A Waterfront

Saturday 30/04 & Sunday 01/05

The OCEAN FORUM is an initiative of the Tara Ocean Foundation to highlight the work of those who are inspired, committed and mobilised for the Ocean. Our idea is to bring together all those who show the Ocean in a new light and make it accessible to all.

During the forum, you will :

- take part in awareness-raising workshops open to both children and adults

- ask all your questions to scientists

- discover the work of artists inspired by the Ocean

Registration link and detailed programme available soon.

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