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Emanuele Pigani

PhD, SZN, Italy


  • Stochastic processes

  • Statistical mechanics

  • Macroecology

  • Biodiversity

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Short BIO

My name is Emanuele Pigani. I am a PhD candidate within the SZN-Open University PhD programm under the supervision of Daniele Iudicone. I am also collaborating with the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics under the supervision of Samir Suweis, Sandro Azaele, and Amos Maritan.


I am a graduate student in Physics at the University of Padova, where I focused on topics in fundamental and applied non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics.

My main research interest focuses on the mathematical modelling of biological systems: in particular, I study consumer-resource models for explaining how critical properties (like coexistence) emerge both in consumer-resource systems and metagenomics oceanics data.

More in general, I have a deep interest in understanding all the fundamental laws that underlie the reality. As Terenzio used to says, “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”.

Role in AtlantECO

Within AtlantECO, I am currently analysing extensive datasets of plankton biological observations taken throughout the oceans. My goal is to build up a theoretical framework that provides a mechanistic understanding of the oceanic biogeography capable to embody also the environmental effects. In particular, I would like to explicitly include spatial phenomena such as ocean advection and diffusion inside the modeling framework, eventually mapping the spatial notion of proximity in terrestrial ecosystems to an effective connectivity in the seascape. I am mainly involved in Work Package 5.

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